After Brett Lee Donates A Bitcoin, Virat Kohli Decides To Donate Toss Coin Whever He Wins A Toss

India is witnessing second wave of covid19 which is much deadlier than the first one. The only source of entertainment amidst this crisis is IPL. However, IPL players too are moved by the daily sad news and many players have donated as well. Cummins donated $50,000 where as Brett Lee donated 1 bitcoin which translates to around ₹45 lakh.

“India is my second home as I spent a lot of time playing/commentating in India during IPL” said Brett Lee.

Although none of the Indian players have donated during second wave, RCB captain Virat Kohli has reportedly proposed to donate toss coin if he wins. Many more Indian players came forward after Kohli’s decisions and offered donation as per their capability.

It’s a great gesture, but I am apprehensive about his winning the toss. He never wins the toss how will he donate then” said an RCB fan to The Fauxy.

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