After Cristiano Ronaldo Coca-Cola Snub, Ravi Shastri Replaces Water Bottles With Whiskey Bottles During A Media Interaction

With a deadpan face, star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo picked up two glass bottles of Coca-Cola, and set them aside before holding up a bottle of water, making Coca-Cola lose its market value by over $4 billion.

Two days after Cristiano Ronaldo’s Coca-Cola Snub, Ravi Shastri was seen doing exactly the same. Ravi Shastri while addressing a press conference just ahead of the WTC final, noticed two water bottles in front of him. Ravi Shastri removed the water bottle with the whiskey bottles he was carrying with him.

Jack Daniels witnessed over a million dollar market valuation rise within a day after Ravi Shastri’s endorsement. However, BCCI has sent show cause notice to Ravi Shastri for his act and Ravi Shastri has been asked to answer the same as soon as his hangover gets over.

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