Ravi Ashwin To Play India Vs England Fourth Test Wearing Jarvo 69 T-Shirt

Daniel Jarvis aka Jarvo69 has intruded the field of play during the India vs England test cricket series, yet again . He had also walked his way into the Lord’s ground earlier and was seen setting field for the Indian team.

Reportedly, Jarvo has entered the field more comfortably than R Aswhin who has been asked to sit in fourth test as well.

While people have had a good laugh because of Jarvo69 antics, Indian bowler Ravi Ashwin who is not selected in the team is likely to enter field wearing Jarvo t-shirt.

Sources suggest that Ravi Ashwin has done out of field settlement with the Jarvo who has rented his t-shirt to Ashwin. Ashwin’s family will finally be able to spot him on the field.

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