Novak Djokovic to take first dose of Sputnik V if Putin Agrees to Stop the War

More than a month long  Russia- Ukraine War has led to the loss of many innocent lives and those who managed to flee are homeless after leaving Ukrainians to live as refugees. The crisis has given political leaders sleepless nights as  experts speculate that if the war is not stopped it may lead to the third world War.

Many global leaders are now requesting and negotiating with Russia’s President Putin to stop the war. A new entrant in this list is Serbian tennis Player Novak Djokovic who became Covid specialist after explaining the cons of its vaccine in a national news channel of Serbia. He wants to mediate between Russia and Ukraine.

Newly elected pro- Russian government in Serbia  pushed him further to become an ambassador of Peace after they saw him sobbing in a pub after his Russian counterparts were banned from playing in future. Djokovic meets Vladimir Putin in Moscow today and assures him to take a dose of Sputnik V vaccine if the latter pulls his army from Ukraine and stops the War.

On anonymity a KGB spy told The Fauxy that Putin has agreed after Mr Novak decided to become brand ambassador of Sputnik V. “Anything for world peace and French Open” said Djokovic.

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