Rohit Sharma Hires IIM Students to Find Out How MI Can Still Reach Playoffs

A shocking start to the tournament for Mumbai Indians, the most successful side in the history of the IPL is giving sleepless nights to its owners while players are relaxed.

However, upon being summoned by the team owner, MI Skipper Rohit Sharma has hired five IIMs students to calculate all the possibilities of MI qualifying for play offs without improving its performance.

Speaking to The Fauxy, the skipper said “If we could have performed better we would have performed better, but now we have to be dependent on others’ skill to reach play off, that’s why I asked Mukesh Ambani ji to invest a little more, but he refused so we have hired these IIM students to calculate the probability

The Mumbai Indian team is now together and trying hard to reach the playoffs, Nita Ambani is praying day and night to make CSK and SRH lose their upcoming matches, improving MI chance to qualify.

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