IPL Cameraman  Sacked For Showing Irrelevant Stuff From Field Instead of Zooming into Girls in Audience 

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Delhi Capitals (DC) put up a show during their Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 clash at the Brabourne Stadium on Sunday, however, despite a good cricket, the count of IPL fans watching the match live kept reducing as the match progressed.


The cameraman showed all the irrelevant stuff happening on field and failed to focus on the girls sitting in audience. The cameraman was summoned by the IPL broadcast team and was later sacked for not performing his duty well.


Looks like he’s a boomer, he was showing even batsmen comfortably running between the wicket when there was almost no chance of a run out, meanwhile many girls with really hot dresses were there at audience. I mean he had just one job” said the cameraman who replaced him.


Later, the new cameraman focussed and zoomed into a girl who became the ‘mystery girl’ of IPL 2022, and fans couldn’t keep calm as they lauded the cameramen. Many fans called the girl their new ‘crush’.

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