Kim Clijsters Retires for the Third Time to Remind Women Tennis Association that She is a Tennis Player


Former World no. 1 tennis player Kim Clijsters was once a sensation in tennis era but it was till last decade only. After setting many records in tennis history she made a new kind of record. Record of completing hattrick in retirement from tennis.


On Wednesday, Kim Clijsters made an announcement through her Instagram handle that she has decided not to play official tournaments in future giving a good reminder to Women tennis Association that she was playing professional matches also.


The Fauxy, reached out to her in New Jersey to express grief of the unexpected decision.

I was back on the court because I wanted to bring the same enthusiasm of women tennis among fans which my contemporaries Justin Henin, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams did. I can’t see it now. Any random player is winning Grand slam nowadays and when they get perfect in it they leave the tennis abruptly (lol.. Ashleigh Barty must be crying in corner). Nothing can be done let the curtain of WTA fall down now forever after I leave.” Kim Clijsters told The Fauxy.

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