Mumbai Indian Players Deliberately Touch Delhi Capitals’ Players to Get Quarantined And Prevent IPL

Two cases of COVID-19 has been reported in Delhi Capitals’ team. Although the team has reached Pune to play its next match against Punjab Kings but currently it’s difficult to say whether the match will happen.


Seeing the developments Rohit Sharma, captain of Mumbai Indians whose team is top from bottom in Points Table has allegedly met Rishabh Pant only to save the Mumbai Indians of embarassment.


Mumbai Indians’ skipper Rohit Sharma is trying to get the entire team quarantined and get the IPL temporarily suspended. Mumbai Indians players currently have no symptoms but earlier today Rohit Sharma refused to eat Vada Pav saying he doesn’t like it only to show that he has lost the taste, one of the symptoms of Covid.


After yesterday’s defeat, CSK alleged Captain Ravindra Jadeja too tried to meet Rishabh Pant and other Delhi Capital Players. Amidst this, RCB is the only team which desperately wants the IPL to continue and RCB fans were seen outside the BCCI office chanting E Sala Cup Namde.

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