Risabh Pant Gifts Cricket Rule Book To Umpire Today on the World Book Day

In a match between Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Capitals a controversy took place in the last over when Umpire refused to accept no ball and Risabh Pant told players to comeback cancelling the match. Assistant coach Shane watson and Pravin Amre wasn’t able to change the decision of umpire.

Fumed Risabh Pant on learning of 50% sale on books on World Book day rushed to a book store near to his hotel to buy 20 copies of Rule book of Cricket. He gave first copy of the book to the umpire who refused to accept the no ball last night.

They had just one job. I want umpires to know the rules of cricket and how it works, Books were on sale and after getting fined 1.5 crore, I am hardly left with any money in my account so just grabbed the sale. I bought one copy for me also to know how to behave professionally on the ground.” Told Rishabh Pant to The Fauxy.

We discovered that the Umpire going through the book patiently before RCB vs SRH match to avoid any other wrong decision.

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