Roger Federer took retirement after my advice : Shahid Afridi

Roger Federer, the elegant and enduring Swiss star who dominated men’s tennis for two decades but saw his more recent years marred by injuries and surgeries, on Thursday announced his retirement.

Federer’s retirement appeared as a sudden shocked for many however, the fauxy has learned that the retirement wasn’t really sudden and was inspired by the great words of Shahid Afridi. As claimed by Shahid Afridi, Roger Federer took retirement after listening to his advice.

“It shouldn’t reach a stage where you are dropped from the team and instead when you are at your peak. It seldom happens though. Very few players make that decision, but I feel when Fedrer does it, he will do it in style and probably in the same manner in which he started his career,” was Afridi’s advice to all great players from different sports.

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