BCCI Gives Indian Players Low Waist Pants to Convert the Full Toss into No Ball 

In one of the craziest ideas, BCCI has handed over a special jersey to Indian Players ahead of the T-20 World Cup. The new jersey has normal upper but low waist lowers. The low waist lower is to confuse the leg umpires. Low-waist lowers will make the leg umpire believe that full-toss is actually a no-ball, making them give a no-ball signal and a free hit on full-toss.

Reportedly, the decision was taken after the BCCI hired certain IIM students to strategize the T-20 WC. A new look of players wearing low-waist pants was revealed on Monday, 3rd Oct.

“There are rules for bat size, stump size etc, but there’s no rule that talks about lower size, and we are doing everything within the cricketing rules” told a BCCI official to The Fauxy.

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